Dances with Flowers

In these extraordinary times, photography might seem less of a priority, however, mental well-being certainly isn’t and finding creative outlets has been vitally important to that well-being. In the UK, it’s spring and with appropriate irony, the weather has been exceptionally pleasant. The garden has provided the only access to the outdoors of late and fortunately it has been full of flowers.

This is an image inspired by some of the work of botanical photographer Polina Plotnikova and her dances with flowers series. It’s made using one of the oldest techniques in flash photography: rear-curtain sync. The approach takes a bit of trial and error, using a 5 second exposure to capture the motion of the flowers with the flash at the end to capture the image. The flashes are in two soft boxes to give a nice diffuse light.

No doubt different flower subjects will require slightly different approaches, so will have to see if this little project can be extended to make a series.